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Queens Park Rangers Tournament

On Thursday 9th May ten Year 5 children travelled to Loftus Road, Queens Park Rangers Stadium to take part in a football and tag rugby tournament. This was a very special opportunity for a number of different of reasons. Firstly, the tournament took place on the ground’s football pitch, an experience that our children will never forget! The children also got to enter the pitch through the same tunnel the players do. Finally, the tournament was led by the children, they were in charge of the positions, formations, subs and refereeing. There were no scores kept, meaning no winners or losers, it was about the children being able to play, try his best and have fun. 
Throughout the day awards were given to different for schools for the best joke, best celebration and the best magic moment. Grange Park won an award for the best song which they made up themselves on the journey to the stadium. 
I was so proud of how the children took control of their team and showed respect to each other as well as the other teams, they were a real credit to our school.