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Please complete a Joe WicksBBC SupermoversCosmic Yoga or Disney Shake Up activity each day.


Click below to see the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind activities from Miss Norman.


  1. CGP Maths Targeted Question Book – pages 22-23
  2. Time - Oak National Academy
  3. CGP Maths Mental Workout – page 16
  4. Mathletics activities 


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 

  1. CGP Grammar, punctuation and spelling book – pages 30-31
  2. Spellodrome activity



  1. Reading comprehension-fact retrieval - Oak National Academy



  1. Without gravity (Pobble) activity - Story starter
  2. Without gravity (Pobble) activity - Question time


Information on the internet is not always reliable. It may be out of date, inaccurate or not completely true. It is important to compare information from different websites, check in books and talk to someone about what you have found.


Watch the videos below:


Activities to complete (the answers can be written in the BACK of your project book OR you can discuss your answers with an adult):

  1. DigiSafe daily activity 16
  2. Scenario question – You want to get a new pet but your parents said you have to research how much it will cost. What should you do to try and convince them? Is it better to have prices from one website or from a few websites? Why?
Topic - Globe theatre

Look at the image ‘reconstruction of the Tudor theatres’ and answer these questions:

  • Can you identify the river in the image?
  • What are the three circular buildings?
  • Do the buildings look familiar?
  • Have you seen a building like this in London today?


Bankside, on the south side of the River Thames, was an area with several playhouses. The first to be built here was the Rose Theatre, in 1587. The globe theatre was a Tudor building and the Globe we have today is a copy of the original building. These buildings were called playhouses because they were open-air theatres.


  1. Watch this video clip: Globe Theatre and the outside of a globe house
  2. Using your knowledge of the Tudors, see the ‘globe theatre in modern times’ and list 10 things that are shown in modern images that a Tudor would not have seen.