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Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

  • Monday - Rainbow fish is unique because of his shiny, colourful scales. He likes his scales because they make him feel special. Have a think about what makes you unique and special, and then make an ‘all about me’ page.
  • Tuesday - At the start of the story, the rainbow fish wasn’t very kind to others. The sea creatures taught him how to be a good friend. Can you write a step by step guide to being a good friend?
  • Wednesday - Being kind to others is one of the things that makes you a good friend. Can you think of a time one of your friends has been really kind to you? Can you write down your memory of that time?
  • Thursday - There are lots of ways you can be kind to others. Can you write down some acts of kindness (for example helping make your lunch, holding a door open for someone or sharing one of your toys). Can you write some acts of kindness on individual pieces of paper and put them in a jar. You could pick one each day and try to complete it.
  • Friday - Can you write a book review for the story of the Rainbow Fish? What did you like about the story? Did you have a favourite part?