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Week beginning 11/5/20

Week beginning 11th May 2020 


Hola to our Fabulous Year 6s! 

We hope you are well and have been doing your best to stay positive and healthy during this season of constant change. Your Year 6 teachers have been working hard to plan all these amazing learning activities for you. We miss you and encourage you to keep working hard to strive to be the best you can be! 


Your Favourite Year 6 Teachers :) 


Please complete the below tasks over the week using the timetable to guide you:




  1. Mathletics (10 minutes a day)
  2. PiXL times table app activities (20 minutes a day)
  3. Use the links below to access online lessons:
    1. Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by integers - BBC Bitesize
    2. Describe positions on a full grid - Oak National Academy 
    3. Multiplying fractions by fractions - BBC Bitesize
    4. Translate simple shapes - Oak National Academy
    5. Divide fractions by integers - BBC Bitesize
    6. Draw simple shapes on a coordinate grid - Oak National Academy
    7. Fractions of amounts applied in context - BBC Bitesize
    8. Solve practical coordinate problems - Oak National Academy
    9. CGP Practice Paper


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

  1. PiXL Unlock app (20 minutes a day)
  2. ReadiWrite/Spellodrome (30 minutes a week)
  3. Use the links below to access online lessons:
    1. Instructions key feature: Sentence openers - Oak National Academy
    2. CGP Practice Paper



  1. Read 20 minutes daily and record in your reading record
  2. Bug Club (minimum of 30 minutes a week)
  3. Use the links below to access online lessons- Oak National Academy 
    1. Reading Comprehension (Instructions) - Oak National Academy 
    2. Reading Comprehension (Instructions) - Oak National Academy 
    3. Read the example & identify key features (Instructions) - Oak National Academy
    4. Reading lesson: Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
    5. CGP Practice Paper


  1. Writing a formal report - BBC Bitesize
  2. Writing a powerful speech - BBC Bitesize
  3. Use key features to write own (instructions) - Oak National Academy



  1. Sustaining & plastics - BBC Bitesize



  1. How plants reproduce CHANGED TO ADAPT - BBC Bitesize
  2. Human Body Circulatory System (Lesson 4) 


  1. Online Communication 


Super Digital Citizen.mp4

Still image for this video


  1.  Please complete a Joe Wicks, BBC Supermovers, Cosmic YogaDisney Shake Up or jump rope (provided by GPJS) activity each day.
  2. Complete the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind daily activities from Miss Norman. 

Topic - Vikings

  1. Lesson 2: Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

     2. Lesson 3: What were the key aspects of Viking Life?  


  1. What is a church? (Part 3)


  1. Optic illusions - Oak National Academy 



  1. Extreme designs - BBC Bitesize



  1. Structure of a pop song - Oak National Academy 

If your child is having difficulty completing these activities,

please click the icon below.