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Grange Park

Junior School

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Please see the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind daily activities from Miss Norman.

Please complete a Joe Wicks, BBC Supermovers, Cosmic Yoga or Disney Shake Up activity each day.

Maths - Solving Number Problems:

  • CGP Maths Targeted Questions Book - Pages 16-17
  • PiXL times table app
  • Challenge - Can you write your own questions for someone in your house to answer?

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling - Clauses:

1. Watch the video about main and subordinate clauses:

2. Complete the following activities:

  • CGP Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Book - Pages 12-13
  • Spellodrome - List 29
  • Challenge - Create your own sentences that include main and subordinate clauses. Write the main clause in blue and the subordinate clause in red. Can you use two of your spelling words in the sentences?


Writing - Pobble 365 activity:

  • Read the extract from ‘Superhero Treats - Sick Sentences’.

  • Fix the 'Sick sentences' from page 2.

  • Continue the story in your project book.

  • Challenge – Can you use adjectives, adverbs and subordinate clauses to improve your writing?

E-safety - Meeting people and sharing things online:

Meeting somebody you only know online can be dangerous because this person is still a stranger. If someone asks you to meet up or for your personal information, tell an adult straight away.

Be cautious of what you send, post or share online or on social media. Many social media apps have a minimum age rating to protect young children from content that may not be suitable. Always discuss new apps with an adult, even if your friend has asked you to download it. Images, videos or content you have shared forms part of your personal digital footprint and can be shared with others. Think before you post and use strict privacy settings.

Watch the videos below:

  1. Be careful when meeting up - Chilnet.com
  2. Search It Up - My Pop Star Disaster!


Complete the following activities in the BACK of your project book OR discuss your answers with an adult:

  1. DigiSafe Daily activities - Day 6 - Google Drive
  2. Scenario question – You are chatting to your friend online. They invite you to join a group chat with people you haven’t met. Someone in the group chat asks for everyone to send a picture of themselves. What should you do?

Topic - Ancient Egypt Timeline:

  • Read the information in the ‘Ancient Egyptian Timeline Information’ document.
  • Create a timeline of Ancient Egypt in your project book, or use the ‘Timeline Worksheet’ to cut and paste the events in chronological order.
  • Challenge – Can you find out more information about one of the events and list 3 facts in your project book?


If your child is having difficulty completing the tasks above, please complete one of the 'Alternative task' activities.