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The Signing Mermaid – Julia Donaldson

  • Monday - The mermaid is the main character in the story. Can you write a character description about her, detailing what she looks like, what skills she has and what you know about her personality from the story?
  • Tuesday - In the story, the mermaid decides to go live at the Circus. Can you make a poster advertising the mermaid’s Circus act?
  • Wednesday - If you could perform in the Circus, what act would you like to do? Would you need any special skills for your act, such as the ability to juggle, weight lift or balance?
  • Thursday - Sam Sly convinced the mermaid that she should perform at the Circus. Her friends tried to stop her, but she didn't listen to them. Can you write a letter to the mermaid persuading her not to go?
  • Friday - If you could be a mermaid for a day, and have your own tail, where would you swim and what would you do?