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Remote Learning

At GPJS we are running as full a curriculum, including a full school day for each year group  as is possible, and all  pupils are expected to attend all Online Learning for the duration of the Lockdown.


If you are having difficulties getting your child to attend online lessons then please contact us and we will do what we can to help.


Please click on the document below to see the full information regarding the remote learning being offered at GPJS.


If children are having difficulties accessing their learning due to having to share devices, or if the only device available is a mobile phone, then please contact the school office. 



In the meantime, if children are sharing devices and you have an X-box or PS4 then it is possible to use them to access MS Teams.  It is slower (children may have to log on earlier) and the child would not appear on video but they will be able to watch a live lesson, and if they have a headset with a microphone, communicate with the teacher.  They could then submit any work completed later in the day via the shared device.


Instructions for accessing MS Teams via an Xbox/PS4


1. Go to my games and apps.

2. Find Microsoft Edge and select it.

3. Type in Office 365 and log in as you would in school.



1. Go to the PlayStation browser icon (it is WWW with dots around it)

2. Press the PlayStation logo on your controller

3. Go to library and find options for games and applications

4. Go into applications and you will find the internet browser

5. Type in Office 365 and log in like you would at school


If you are able to attach a keyboard  (it is possible to get a keyboard for under £15 on Amazon) and/or mouse to the console then your child will have even more functionality.

Lesson Timetables

Timetables for all classes are available on MS Teams. We expect all children to attend all lessons and complete all activities set (will also be found on MS Teams).  If a teacher requests that work is submitted then please ensure that your child has uploaded their work by 5:00pm that day.


Example Timetable

 Children are given breaks between lessons and there is a lunch break of 45 minutes. 



Mindful mornings – whole school  (found on the GPJS Mindful Mornings & PE Team)


Maths – own class or assigned group


Reading Comprehension – own class or assigned group


English – own class

12:00 – 12:45pm



ERIC (Everyone reads in class) all children are expected to independently read for 15 minutes – this can be via an actual book or online via Bug Club or EPIC.  Please ensure that your child reads every day (This is not a live lesson.).


PE Lesson – whole school (found on the GPJS Mindful Mornings & PE Team)


Afternoon lesson one – this could be topic, science, RE or PSHE – own class or Wellbeing – year group


Afternoon lesson two – this could be topic, science, RE or PSHE – own class or Wellbeing – year group


School day ends, please remind your child to submit any work by 5:00pm


Please note that on the days that your child has Spanish or French the timings for that day will  change – see the timetable on MS Teams.


There will be one afternoon a week when children will not have live lessons with a teacher – this is to give the teachers time to plan the learning for the following week.  On this afternoon children will have been set a full afternoon of activities that they are expected to complete – this may include taking part in a music lesson from our music teacher, an Oak Academy lesson , an art lesson or a series of activities to complete. Please check the timetable for that afternoon and follow the links/activities accordingly.

Home Learning Packs

Each child child  should have 2 home learning resource packs that contain Singapore Maths Books, comprehensions, English workbooks, topic workbooks, science workbooks and any other resources supplied by class teachers. Children will not be able to fully engage with remote learning without these packs, as teachers will be using them to set independent activities within the live lessons.


If you have not yet collected your child's packs then please contact the school office to arrange to pick it up.


Online Etiquette

  • We politely request that parents are not on view in the lessons and that they do not interrupt teachers when they are teaching, as this does disrupt the learning of the whole class and is unfair to the teacher and the other children in the class.
  • Children must always follow the instructions of the teacher. They should have their microphones on mute at all times unless requested otherwise by the teacher.  If they wish to ask a question then they should put their virtual hand up and wait for the teacher to give them permission to ask the question etc.
  • Chat Facility/Posting Messages  – if a teacher opens up chat during a lesson etc. then the conversations on chat should only be about the lesson.  Children should only be using the Class Teams page for posting questions for their class teacher.  It should not be used to post messages to other children or to have a chat with their friends.
  • Children must remain polite at all times, both to the teacher and to their fellow classmates.  If any rude or inappropriate comments are posted then they will be brought to the attention of Miss Oliver & Miss Doohan.
  • The odd lesson may sometimes start a little late – normally due to technical issues. Please do bear with teachers and refrain from calling school if a lesson did not start exactly at the time stated. Just please ask your child to wait patiently on MS Teams for the lesson to start.



  • We fully appreciate that with everybody at home children may be doing their online lessons in their bedrooms or in rooms where other family members have to be. Can all parents please ensure that children have applied a background effect so that the room they are in is not viewable.  If your child does not know how to put a background on then please tell them to ask their teacher who will help them.
  • Can children please be appropriately dressed, they should not be doing online lessons in their pyjamas.
  • For safeguarding purposes all live lessons are recorded.