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Grange Park

Junior School

Striving to be the best that we can be


A red pin badge with the word "PREFECT" written on it in gold lettering.Prefects at Grange Park Junior School are selected for displaying attributes that make them outstanding role models for their peers.  The prefect team is made up of year six children who demonstrate all school values and know how to support their peers in a positive way, enabling all our pupils 'to be the best that they can be.'


Children must apply for the role of prefect by submitting a letter to the SLT.  Based on their letter, a child may then be invited to interview where they have the opportunity to discuss their views and ideas based on a particular set of questions.  The prefect team is then selected from the group of children that came for interview. 

    What do prefects do?


    Our prefects have many different jobs around the school. Some prefect jobs include:

    • spending time with children over lunch to encourage conversation and social skills, an emphasis being on sitting with children that may be eating alone
    • helping out in assemblies
    • helping to supervise the foyer entrance and corridors over lunchtime
    • being the  face of Grange Park Junior School by meeting and greeting visitors
    • offering help to class teachers
    • doing errands for the Admin Team
    • helping out in the library
    • supporting with fundraising for the school

    Big Picture Projects


    Amimal Adoption

    Over the past few month, the prefects researched many different species of endangered animals and presented their research to each other. Many detailed PowerPoints and speeches were shared with the goal of persuading the others that their chosen animal is most in need of support. Well done to all who presented for being fantastic ambassadors for the school!


    An image of a panda chewing on a stick, along with the WWF logo.After the presentation, all staff and pupils voted for which animal they wanted GPJS to 'adopt' through the WWF (formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund). The WWF provides updates on an 'adopted' animal's wellbeing, as well as photographs and a cuddly toy to commemorate the adoption! 


    After the votes had all been submitted and counted, the winner was the giant panda! Prefects are currently designing a display board to share information about the panda with their fellow pupils. Watch this space for further updates on how our panda is doing!


    Who's on the team?


    The 2019-20 prefects are:  Adhyayan, Ar-Rehman, Hajar, Kaya, Levi, Naveen, Nia, Nikola, Pavinaa, Rajan, Riya, Safa, Sarah K., Sarah S., Sear, Shanika, Umar, and Yuvraj.

    Head Boy and Head Girl


    Every year the school community votes for the head girl and head boy.  Any year 6 prefect that wishes to be head boy or girl is able to apply.  All the prospective candidates present speeches (they are amazing) to the whole school  as to why they should be selected.  All of the school community (pupils and staff) vote for the candidate that they feel is best for the role.  After counting - and recounting -  all of the votes the winners are announced. 


    This year's team is: