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March 2021 - School Re-Opening

In accordance with Government Guidelines All Children are expected to attend school full time from Monday 8th March 2021.

When schools re-open the rest of the country will still be in lockdown – it is essential that parent/carers follow the current government guidance on social distancing and meeting other people – this includes when you are waiting to enter the school and on the school site.


Children may be back at school but please do not arrange playdates, friendship group meetings or visits to other homes – for the moment please get children to meet virtually.


 We do not want the opening of schools to raise the transmission rate, therefore, it is essential that all adults/children continue to follow the guidance in order to keep our families, staff and the wider community safe and healthy.

The following information is a reminder for all parents and pupils.  Please ensure that you read it carefully so that you are fully aware of the procedures for reopening on Monday 8th March 2021.


All safety measures and associated actions have been considered using the latest government guidance and have been put in place to ensure that Grange Park Junior School is COVID secure.


Drop Off and Collection Times

  • To enable us to safely return four hundred children to school we will continue to have staggered drop off and collection times. 
  • It is essential that you arrive at the time allocated for your child’s year group – this will help avoid too many people on site at the same time and help support social distancing.
  • Please do not enter the playground or wait around on the school site whilst waiting to collect your child – this does include if you come over from the infant school.  We politely ask that all parents only enter the junior site at the times given.


Drop off and collection times are as follows:


    • Year 3      Drop off: 8:30am          Collection: 3:00pm
    • Families     Drop off: 8:40am          Collection: 3:20pm
    • Year 4      Drop off: 8:45am          Collection: 3:15pm
    • Year 5      Drop off: 9:00am          Collection: 3:30pm
    • Year 6      Drop off: 9:10am          Collection: 3:45pm


  • In the mornings all children and their parent/carers must line up along the fence by the school field using the social distancing markers accordingly.
  • At the allocated time all children should enter the main school gate on their own and make their way to the playground.
  • We politely ask that once children have entered the school site that parents leave immediately and do not congregate outside the school for a chat.
  • In the afternoons all parent/carers must line up along the fence by the school field using the social distancing markers accordingly and only enter the school grounds at the allocated collection time.
  • All parents must remain in the parent zone (having zones helps with social distancing) allocated to their child’s bubble.   These will be indicated by markings on the floor.  Parents MUST NOT enter the main section of the playground:


    • Zone P1         Y3 Elm, Y4 Lavender, Y5 Cedar, Y6 Sunflower 
    • Zone P2         Y3 Willow, Y4 Buttercup, Y5 Beech, Y6 Daffodil
    • Zone P3         Y3 Oak, Y4 Rose, Y5 Walnut, Y6 Orchid
    • Zone P4         Y4 Tulip, Y5 Maple


  • Parents/carers must adhere to social distancing rules and should not stand together in groups for a chat.
  • Once you have collected your child then you must leave the school site immediately.
  • Please only drop-off/collect children living in your household and please avoid car sharing with other families.



  • The ONLY entrance for Junior School children continues to be the Field Entrance on Balmoral Drive. 
  • There is a one-way system to enter/exit the school site and the Junior School playground, which we politely ask that you adhere to so that we can ensure that social distancing guidance is followed, and to avoid bottlenecks at the playground gates.
  • No parent or pupil will be allowed to enter the school from the front entrance (Lansbury Drive) unless it is an extreme emergency or a prior appointment has been made.
  • The reception will not take in packed lunches, water bottles or any other equipment and parents will not be allowed on site.  Please ensure that your child has everything they need when they are dropped off at school.



  • All children must wear the full school uniform (including black school shoes) and on PE days wear the correct Grange Park Junior School PE kit (including trainers/plimsolls) with their school cardigan/jumper – no other sweatshirts or hoodies please.
  • Each child MUST have a labelled water bottle which will return home every day for washing and refilling.
  • Packed lunches MUST be put in a disposable bag and put in the child’s school bag.  No lunch bags or lunch boxes are allowed.
  • The only school bag allowed is a small PE style drawstring bag (for lunches, reading books, homework etc.) – no rucksacks or other bags of any size are allowed.
  • No other equipment should be brought into school
  • All children will continue to have a personal stationery set which they must not share with other pupils.
  • If a child wears a mask to school then they will be asked to remove it before they enter the building – please ensure they have a sandwich bag to put it in, which they can then place in their bag.


PE Days – please see the timetable below as a reminder of the days your child should wear their PE kit:


  • Year 3 - Tuesday and Thursday
  • Year 4 - Monday and Wednesday
  • Year 5 - Monday and Wednesday
  • Year 6 - Tuesday and Friday


Handwashing & Hygiene

  • All children must wash their hands at the outside sinks before they enter the junior school building.
  • Children will wash their hands frequently during the day, including when they leave the school at the end of the day.
  • Can all grey flannels be returned to school on the first day so that children have their personal towel on which to dry their hands.
  • The Catch it, Kill it, Bin approach will be promoted throughout the school.
  • Class bubbles will continue to have allocated tables for lunch time – all tables will be thoroughly cleaned between bubbles.
  • All shared equipment, including P.E. equipment, musical instruments and art equipment will be cleaned after each bubble use it.
  • The IT suite will be fully cleaned, with keyboards, mice and screens being wiped after each class bubble has used it.
  • All frequently touched surfaces in classrooms and around the school will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Wearing Masks in School - New Guidance for Adults

  • The government have now advised that adults in primary schools wear a mask in all communal areas, including when moving around the school, and our staff are following that advice.  Staff are not expected to wear masks in their classroom, however if they choose to we have provided them with masks that have a transparent panel at the front so that the wearers mouth can be seen.  This is in order to support children that rely on being able to see a person’s mouth and their facial expressions to communicate.
  • The governments advice for primary school children has not changed and the guidance remains that masks for this age group are not necessary, so we will have the same approach as we did in the autumn term – children may obviously wear a mask to and from school but we will ask that they are removed and safely stored before they enter the school building. If your child does wear a mask to school then can they please have a sandwich bag with them to store it.  



  • Children will continue to be taught in ‘bubbles’ which will be their class group.  When in school children will not mix between bubbles.  They will only be allowed to play with children in their own bubble, with each bubble having an allocated zone on the playground.
  • To help us with start and finishing times, bubbles will be allocated to a year group pod.  Children within the year group pod will be given the same staggered drop off and collection times and will go out to break and lunch at the same time (using the allocated zone for their bubble). They will not mix with children from other year groups.


COVID-19 Symptoms

  • Important: If you or your child have any symptoms of Covid-19 then please do not come to school.  Please make sure that school is informed as soon as possible.
  • If a child shows signs of infection during the day they will be isolated and parents will be called to collect them immediately.

To support this, it is essential that we have the most up to date contact information – if you or the other contacts listed for your child have had new mobile phone numbers etc. then please contact the school and provide us with the new contact details.

  • If your child does develop symptoms then please keep them off school and seek advice from the NHS.  If you are advised to get a test then please do so, once the test results are received then please inform the school who will advise you re attendance/access to learning accordingly.


Other Key Points:

  • All medical appointments must be made where possible outside of the school day. If a child must attend an appointment in school hours then proof of appointment must be provided.
  • If a child is expected in school and they are not able to attend then parents/carers must inform the school, as per our normal attendance procedures.
  • Parents will not be allowed to enter the school building unless it is an emergency.  If parents have any concerns then we ask that they phone the school.
  • Year 6 only – if you wish for your child to walk home alone and they were not doing that in the autumn term then please email the school on enquiries@grangeparkjuniorschool.co.uk  giving permission.   Please remind them about social distancing and not congregating with other pupils when leaving school.
  • School Dinners will be available from Monday 8th March, please load money onto ParentPay accordingly.  The menu will be available on ParentPay from Wednesday afternoon (3rd March).